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The Mega Plant is one of the largest and most technically advances carbonated soft drinks factories in the world. The plant started operations in January 2017 after a 5 year design and construction phase costing over 2 billion SAR.

Occupying a plot size of 300,000m2 with over 100,000m2 under roof, the factory is home to 8 high speed production lines which are capable of producing 200 pallets per hour.

The package types include Bag-in-Box (for fountain drinks), Cans, Glass and PET bottles.

Equipment for the factory was sourced from all over the world, including; France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and UK.

One of the most important ingredients is water and in the first full year of operation, we used one billion liters of water. All water is treated to the highest standards using a combination of ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis technology. Any waste water that the plant produces is recycled on-site in a state of the art treatment plant and used to irrigate the grounds and in activities that are not part of production.​

Material handing is mainly handled by laser guided vehicles which allow the plant to apply a “zero touch” principle, meaning that there is no human needed to move items around the factory. This state of the art system extends to the way we dispatch pallets to our warehousing network. There is a monorail that runs along the factory collection our products which delivers them to a fully automated warehouse. In this warehouse, 16 cranes that are 35 meters tall, automatically put the pallets into racks for storage until they are needed to be dispatched.

Once we are ready to send the pallets to our customers and our external warehouses, a specially designed fleet of lorries docks into position and are then automatically loaded.

MenaBev Quality Mark License for Aquafina Drinking Water

MenaBev is a quality-committed organization especially when dealing with products directly linked with consumer health. It is actually a combination of professional and corporate social responsibility practices reflecting the excellent image of international brand.

In the last quarter of 2018, SASO licensed MenaBev to use quality Mark for the commercial brand Aquafina bottled drinking water with four different sizes. SASO provides such certification after full filling the obligatory requirements according to the normative documents.

SASO, Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization is the Officially Authorized Governmental Body that Certifies Companies to use Quality Mark.

SASO implements a very detailed procedure for bottled drinking water quality certification, for example, it applies the procedure for Food and Safety, and plastic bottles specifications, Microbiology test and total dissolved Salt Analysis.

In Conclusion, Quality Mark is Awarded to one of the most important products for MenaBev. This award will increase credibility and customer loyalty for the product, it will enhance business Revenue and Company image and reputation.